Your Parlour page does a lot for you:

  • It gives your clients self-service access to book services with your virtual reception desk.
  • It lets your clients know where you’re located and when you’re open.
  • It allows prospective clients to see how your current clients rate your service.
  • Clients can even browse a look-book of your styles when you connect your Instagram account.

But it’s missing one critical piece—the stuff that makes you and your business unique and interesting. But if you’re like me, you hate talking about yourself due to paralyzing humility and imposters syndrome.

Well, it’s time to get over all that and craft a great stylist bio for your Parlour profile.

🤔 What Makes a Great Stylist Bio?

A good stylist bio is like a little story that grabs a reader’s attention and makes them want to read to the very end. It’s easy to read, and all of the great ones sound like a conversation you’re having with an old friend. The bad ones are stuffy and sound academic.

It shows off your expertise and it’s 💯. Never talk 💩 in your stylist bio.

Your personality should shine. Your uniqueness should thrive. Your bio should portray you as a living, breathing human being.

It’s also not too long. Remember, it’s your clients who are reading it. The last thing you want to do is run off on a bunch of tangents that are going to put most people to sleep 😴. Focus on what’s most important for them to discover about you.

Anatomy of a Great Stylist Bio

  • One-sentence summary of you you are and what you do for your clients:
    Begin your stylist bio with this. State your brand promise. A good formula is, [YOUR NAME] is a [OCCUPATION] who helps [TARGET CLIENTS] to [RESULTS YOU HELP YOUR TARGET CLIENTS ACHIEVE] by [YOUR UNIQUE APPROACH].

    For example: [Bobby Duebelbeis] is a [Co-Founder at Parlour]. He helps [independent hairstylists] [build more income] by [creating and licensing well-crafted business software, using bleeding-edge technologies].

  • QualificationsBack up your brand promise by mentioning your experience, education and other specialized training. This stuff helps set you apart from others.
  • Achievements: Wanna humble-brag about the awards you’ve won? Mention them! Remember, you’re telling the reader why they should believe you and care about what you say or do.
  • Notable ClientsAre you styling celebrities or influential people? Include them in your stylist bio, but always ask permission first.
  • Uniqueness: Make your distinctions clear. If you have a niche, service, approach or anything else that helps you stand out, tell your readers about tit.

Stylist Bio Pro-Tips

  • Make it conversational. You probably don’t want to write the entire thing in emoji (😭), but a conversational tone is best.
  • Proofread it. Nothing destroys your credibility more than a stylist bio with grammatical and typographic errors. Ask a few trusted friends and/or family to ready your stylist bio and ask them if it’s interesting, engaging, and makes them want to work with you.
  • Keep it up-to-date. Each version of your stylist bio should be compelling, actionable, and true to your readers and your brand. Parlour will always take care of the actionable part, so you should only have to focus on keeping your bio consistent with your evolving brand identity and relevant to your audience. As your qualifications, achievements, clients, and your approach changes, it’s good to update your bio. Let’s try to give it a fresh look at least every six months.