Parlour is building an automated reception desk for independent hairstylists.

Sure, there’s a lot of software out there trying to make it easy to maintain your busy schedule as a hairstylist. But it’s apparent that none of these applications were designed by anyone that ever actually worked as a hairstylist. And none of them help you focus on becoming a better entrepreneur.

🐛Why sign up for a beta?

Sure, beta software is buggy and sorta sucks—at first. But it gets better. And we need your help. We can’t build business tools for the hairstylists of tomorrow without brave hairstylists who are willing to beta test these tools.

Add your email address to the list below. We’ll invite you to our closed beta. This means you will receive regular updates about Parlour, surveys where you get to vote on what features we’ll be adding to Parlour, and you’ll even get to use Parlour for free as we build it. This is an exclusive beta. If selected, you will be expected to read our updates, provide survey feedback and use the beta app—or you might get bumped. Cool? 😎